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Doctor Recommendation

Even though the circumcision is both the most-performed surgery in the world with only low-risk for complications, there are serious differences when it comes to the visual result. In this country, unfortunately, there are more flawed circumcisors than experienced professionals.
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Last update doctors database at February 28, 2024, 11:16 pm by M.H.
EURO CIRC knows 500 doctors in Germany, of which 50 are recommended. In addition, we can also recommend some doctors in Austria and Switzerland. These doctors have been checked by us in terms of professionalism since 29 years by evaluating feedback that we get from our members (in form of a questionnaire that patients send back to us 8 weeks after their surgery).
When you choose a doctor, your location should not be critical. Instead, your personal preferences, i.e. circumcision style or anaesthetics. It should always be top priority that you are satisfied and that no further surgery will be needed.
Don't fall for advertisments, pretty websites or slightly pretentious titles.
You only have one penis. Make the right decision!
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