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Ernst's Experiences

Originally I come from a rural region and my education was very prudish, very catholic. Nudity and sex were taboo. I knew about cultures who trim their boys only from books - and found this absolutely barbarian. Since I saw the first circumcised penis in reality within my late schooldays; then it was clear for me, my one must look like that, too.

However, questions about questions opened on that occasion: Where does one do this? Who does it? How is it with pains? Does the glans possibly become callous? Costs? Risks? etc. etc. - and hardly answers. What I could read about it was contradictory and could not convince me. And to talk with somebody - nobody was there!

Much late, as I found out that this not only looks good but also works well and is completely trouble-free, it was possible for me to defeat my wrong shame and fear, to go to the doctor and to say: Free me from my foreskin. I want to have this this way!

My circumcision was an important step for me concerning emancipation of the acquired prudery and drew a line under my difficult development. And EURO CIRC appears me as the ideal forum to take such fears from others, who are interested in the topic and to ease the visit of a doctor by information at first hand.
Ernst (33), Speyer
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