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Sebastians Circumcision

A few years ago I contracted my foreskin with a little laceration in an accident. The injury was sewed diagonally. Thereby a part of the upper side of the foreskin was missing, the lower side was intact. It didn't look nice and lead to unpicturesque effects when having sex. Therefore I wanted to have the rest of the foreskin removed as well. Unfortunately my ideas fell on deaf ears with different urologists. Unlike psychologists some urologists didn't take a circumcision for medically necessary without diagnosing a phimosis. That's why I gave up the idea of being circumcised.

Then I heard of EURO CIRC. I never thought that there were unions like that. I explained my problem and asked if I could get help to find an experienced doctor. It was easy and unbureaucratic. Furthermore I got information about experiences on the process of circumcision.

I had to shoulder quite a long way to the doctor's office but it was worth while. The urologist was really understanding and I got an appointment for surgery right away. It was some kind of weird when I lay down on the operating table some days later. But I knew that I really wanted the circumcision. The team was very kind; so I wouldn't be afraid anymore.

The anesthezitation was rather awkward but the surgery was free from pain. After 40 minutes it was all over. When the anesthezitation eased it nipped a bit for an hour but I wouldn't want to talk from pain either. The first days and nights were awkward from time to time. On the one hand by the sensitivity of the cleared glans and the fresh scar connected to the steep material of the seam, on the other hand beause the scar tautened a little bit during nightly erections. Everyday I wrapped it up in a new compress which I located with sticking plaster. After one week the yarn started to fall off. The feeling came out to be better immediately. The glans was cleared all the time. That was new but I got used to it rather quickly.

When I masturbated for the first time after the circumcision it was unusually new to me that the skin on the penis was even and tight. I used a lod of rich cream and started. The sensation of feehling my hand so directly was very strong; I almost took off. But this was nothing compared to the first real sex. The difference was amazing. The rubber went on much easier than before; put it on and unrolled and it fitted ideally and stayed there. Handling including the foreskin was rather annoying and cumbersomely and the feeling was rather moderately. I just didn't feel the rubber anymore but I felt more and more intensively compared to having sex with foreskin. Finally I was able to control my sensation. Backwards the foreskin stimulated the glans all the time. The orgasm today is a lot more intensive and fiercely.

Today I feel free. It's comparable to having three condoms on my dick and now they're all gone. It's more comfortable when passing water. It's also great to feel clean all the time. I never really felt dirty before but to get rid of the constantly clammy and slushy glans was worth it all.

I think it looks a lot more attractive to be circumcised. Of course, you will be checked by uncircumcised when getting dressed in a locker room. I understand this because I was like that as well and I always wondered what it would be like with a circumcised penis. Now I know that it has a lot of advantages.

The ideas I had about the advantages of being circumcised haven't only been fullfilled but excelled. To be circumcised is a final decision that can not be taken back but I don't regret it and would decide for it again and again - less is more. The one thing I actually regret is not having decided for it sooner.

Sebastian (26), Freiberg
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