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Why do parents have their sons circumcised?
Answers from an american discussion forum

Cindy, Edmonton AB (USA), 18.11.1996
Our two boys were circumcised directly after their birth. We find circumcision brings lifelong advantages for such a small operation. I think one must see things from all sides when one makes an important decision like this. That doesn't mean that parents who decide otherwise don't also want the best for their children.

Sharon M, Tucson (USA), 1.1.1997
I had my son circumcised, and it was no big thing. I'm sure it didn't have bad consequences for his life. I've never met a man who regretted being circumcised. I decided for it due to hygienical reasons.

Alan Blakey, Sydney (Australien), 5.1.1997
I had both my sons circumcised. As a nurse, I must see daily how elder uncircumcised men look. Besides, if a circumcision must be carried out due to medical reasons in later years, it is more unpleasant.

John Nelson, Buffalo, 11.1.1997
From the moment I heard that my wife was pregnant with a boy, I was against a circumcision. I myself am not circumcised and never had problems with it. Until then, I'd always heard that a circumcision was carried out for appearance, so father and son look alike. And I didn't find that was reason enough to operate on a newborn child. As we talked with the children's doctor about it, she was, surprisingly enough, for the circumcision.She used to be against it, but recent medical facts had convinced her. I read several books and discovered that circumcision on a newborn baby can hinder urinary disorder, penis cancer, and certain sexual diseases. The only reason against it was that my son wouldn't look like me, which I didn't find a very convincing argument. When our son was born, we had him circumcised. My wife and I were present. The little kid cried, and it was unpleasant, but it was over quickly, and he calmed down directly as his little prepuce was off. We find that , after a couple of painful minutes, he has medical advantages for his whole life. I think the advantages of circumcision outweigh the disadvantages clearly, and that it's a good medical prevenative.

Christopher T. Allen, Hutchinson KS (USA), 15.8.1996
I'm circumcised and happy about it. When our son was born last Thursday, it was clear we'd have him circumcised. It seemed to us simply natural. Of course we know of the medical advantages. It's a harmless operation that has been done from time immemorial over the whole world, and I see no disadvantages in being circumcised.

Lewis, LaJolla CA (USA), 17.8.1996
As a man of 64 years, circumcised at birth, I speak from my own experience, and from what I've heard through people of my generation, but also from younger and older men as well. From these experiences, observations and books, I come to the conclusion that circumcision brings very big hygienic and health preventative advantages, and sexual enjoyment. I've never heard of negative effects of circumcision.

Rob Fugate, Melbourne (Australien), 23.8.1996
I have four children, of which three are boys. I had all three circumcused. Not due to religious reasons. I'm circumcised, and from the recommendation of a well-known doctor I had my children circumcised.

Andrea Corbin, Winslow ME (USA), 8.10.1996
When our son was born, we decided to have him circumcised. We did it for his own good, to save him from inflammations. It was our own personal decision, which we didn't make lightly. When the nurse took him for the operation, I did have a funny feeling. But it went well, and he developed perfectly the last 20 months. He cant't even remember the operation.

Julia, Chicago (USA), 3.11.1996
My 10 year old nephew only had problems with his foreskin. It was always inflamed, too tight, and didn't move back from the glans. After many different attempts to deal with the situation, he was at last circumcised. He himself wanted it done. The problem is solved since then, and he prefers his circumcised penis. He thinks it should have been done directly after his birth. If I ever have a boy, he'll be circumcised at birth with the Plastibell method.

Vernon Quaintance, London (England), 4.11.1996
I haven't yet had the luck to have a baby boy, but I'd get him circumcised, in any case. Medical science has shown again and again that circumcision brings only advantages: fewer urinary infections, later fewer cancer cases (in women and men), and fewer HIV infections (AIDS). Most parents don't pay attention to penis hygiene in young boys. Only few clean their sons under the foreskin, and still fewer show him how to do it himself daily. A circumcised penis doesn't collect the talg that can cause cancer later; besides it's much cleaner. Most boys just don't wash under their foreskins, even when they're told again and again. Boys just don't like using soap and water, especially of course on such hidden places where their parents can't control. All in all, circumcision has many more advantages and only a very small risk. My son will also have these advantages.
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