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The Foreskin

The penis is covered by the penis skin. The upper part of this skin covers the glans if the penis is flaccid and is called foreskin. The foreskin is mad of two skin parts. The outer skin is the visible part of the skin that covers the glans. It feels like the rest of the skin that covers the body.
The foreskin covers the glans
The other half of the foreskin is on the glans. The skin structure of the inner foreskin is similar to a mucosa like we have in our mouths. It is sensitive, wet and produces Smegma constantly. Smegma, bacteria or urinate can conglomerate under it and not only produce a bad smell but can lead to severe illnesses. If the foreskin is removed completely these consequences can be avoided.
The foreskin is being pulled back by half
The inside of the foreskin is lighter as it is less pigmented as the rest of the body. The inner foreskin is full of neural ends that remain if a "high" circumcision is done.
The foreskin is being pulled back fully
The foreskin would glide back and forth if it wasn't held by the frenulum. However, the frenulum becomes useless after a circumcision. Generally it should be possible to pull back the skin fully if the penis is erect without the glans bowing down. If this is not the case you are one of 30% of all men who have a frenulum that is too short.
The frenulum beneath the glans
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