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My Story

After now passed some weeks after my circumcision, I can only say that I am immensely glad to have done this step and really regret having been circumcised so late. The circumcision proceeded without problems and also my wish for a complete removal of the foreskin including the frenulum was fulfilled. The pains were really tolerably, only in the first nights, it became somewhat critical if I got a boner. I would like to thank quite heartily for the good telephonic advice and think it is great that EURO CIRC exists. Uwe
Uwe, Stuttgart
I always had problems with my foreskin. It stretched if I got a boner. So, also the sex was no fun of course. I met a circumcised American. It was great - already a cut cock looks simply hornier not to mention the sex, grins! I had myself circumcised this year. After fourteen days I could do sex again. It is great, one feels much more. I enjoy it! I only regret that there are so few circumcised men in Germany. Marc
Marc, Berlin
Already at the age of fifteen I thought about my foreskin. The smell under it was simply disastrous. At a student exchange of our high school I met an Australian who was circumcised. Since then it was clear for me: "the point of no return" - I will have me circumcised, too. In my study time a medical student helped me to get my circumcision within a surgical excercise. Especially the first weeks after the circumcision were very horny - one gets really conscious of the difference then. Now I am sixty years old and still confirmed that one misses something if one has not been circumcised. Frank
Frank, München
My father is Turk, therefore I was circumcised for religious reasons immediately after the birth. Although I had Turkish friends who were also circumcised in the schooldays it was somehow funny if I saw German classmates who had a foreskin. Today, I am proud of being circumcised like the Amis. It is not just usual but really something special. Only if one is circumcised, one knows all its advantages and knows how to treat ones partner. Ercan
Ercan, Giessen
I was circumcised in the tender age of nine years. It was in the context with an inguinal hernia that I had at that time. The foreskin was severely affected by that. As a result, the doctors advised my parents to remove the foreskin completely. I got quickly rid of it then. I never missed it. I think sex is hornier "without" and more intense. I convinced a friend also of the advantages and preferences of a circumcised penis in the meantime. He had himself also circumcised a few weeks ago and is very satisfied with it. Ingo
Ingo, Nienburg
Because of a phimosis only the uppermost part of my foreskin was removed as 10-year-old boy so that the glans remained still covered. At the age of 15 I had problems again since the foreskin was narrow again. This time the foreskin was removed completely, however also this doctor worked blundering and left a skin rag at one side which then hung there. Unsatisfied as I was I went to another doctor again, a surgeon this time, who circumcised my "best piece" finally as it should be. Today, I am eighteen and very content with the look. What I didn't understand until today: Why are so many German doctors so opposed to this topic? I'm sure a life with a foreskin would be only as half as beautiful. Ingo
Sven, Hagen
Since I was circumcised at the age of six years for medical reasons, I unfortunately cannot judge whether an orgasm "without" really is so much hornier. I believe that one can only estimate the foreskin-free sex really if one experienced both himself. But what I know is that I find circumcised cocks more attractive than their packed counterparts. I am sure that I would have had myself circumcised just because of this argument in any case. Because why should I be content with it, although it looks optically much more beautiful and is so easy to change. Bernhard
Bernhard, Pfaffenweiler
At the age of 15 I started to dream of being circumcised - this looked somehow much better, however, as the wizened dong I had! When I became just seventeen, my father had to be circumcised because of a phimosis - he felt ashamed then for showing himself barely. I took this chance to assure him that I think it's not bad but very reasonable having circumcised himself. My father asked his doctor and so my wish finally came true! Since I am circumcised I feel much more self-confident considering my body. Now I already had my first sex "without": much better! Since then I know that I want nothing else anymore! Why is not everyone circumcised? Patrick
Patrick, Tübingen
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