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Statistics show:
More foreskin circumcisions conducted in Germany

A study of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) about surgery frequencies in industrialized countries shows that boys and men in Germany are more frequently circumcised than it has been assumed. According to this study ambulatory circumcisions, after which the patient can leave the hospital on the same day, have been conducted 90 times in every 100,000 men in 2003. That means that 74,000 circumcisions have been performed on boys and men in 2003 – that are 1.8% of the male population who were circumcised in only one year.

If we assume that this rate will at least remain constant, but is probably increasing rather than decreasing, it can be assumed solely on the basis of statistical values that at least 14.4% of the boys and men that lived in Germany in 2003 had an ambulatory circumcision in the course of their lives.

These statistics do not include the number of circumcisions conducted in clinics and those which are carried out abroad. Around two thirds of all surgeries on the human body are conducted stationary. Many Muslim boys, who live in Germany, are travelling with their families to their countries of origin for their traditional circumcision.

In addition, the often perceived and accurate observation is true that the preadolescent circumcision of boys on parental request as well as the willingness of adolescents and young adults for circumcisions has been increasing in recent years in Germany. Both will ensure that the number of circumcised boys and men continually rises – and already the numbers are significantly higher than the values collected 13 years ago by the IAAS.

Taking all these factors into account, we expect that the total proportion of circumcised men in Germany is clearly over 14.4% already, probably even close to 20%.

EURO CIRC press release of August, 22th 2016 (1 864 characters)
EURO CIRC press release of January, 17th 2013
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