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Lichen sclerosis

Frequent illness especially in uncircumcised men >60 years of age, but also in 5% of the histological examinations of Präputien at <10 years of age.
Atrophy results phimosis.
Lichen sclerosis
china white patches or papules, sharply defined on the glans and on prepuce
Lichen sclerosis of the Foreskin

Local anesthesia

The area to be operated is numb; the patient however is of full consciousness.


The shaft skin throws after circumcision nor wrinkles or covering part of the glans.


circumcision line is tight after the circumcision on the glans groove. The inner foreskin is almost completely removed.


If the fluid in the lymphatic vessels (so-called Lymph) accumulates, is called lymphedema. At such lymph may occur when the lymph transport is disrupted, eg after an circumcision. Broken down by primary lymphedema (congenital disorder or malformation of the lymphatic system) and secondary lymphedema, it forms as a result of an acquired disease or injury such as a circumcision.
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