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Scar Line

There is a distinction between a diagonal and perpendicular circumcision scar line. If the circumcision scar, as viewed from the side, runs ...
... parallel to the glans edge (V-shaped below the glans): diagonal scar
... parallel to the penis base (circular around the shaft): perpendicular scar


Penis, which is relatively large in the flaccid state already and erection relatively little growing (applies to approximately 20% of all men)

Skin glue

Fibrin glue or adhesive (also tissue adhesive) is a physiological two-component adhesive of biological origin. It has the following applications in medicine:
  • Adhesion of wound edges instead of a classical surgical suture and for closure of injured tissue
  • securing of problematic sutures
  • hemostasis of otherwise unmanageable bleeding
support and acceleration of wound healing.
A fundamental advantage of fibrin glue - compared to conventional surgical sutures - is the sparing of particularly sensitive tissues and the formation of less conspicuous scars, since no stitches are made with needle and thread. In fact, the fibrin glue permanently sticks the tissue together at the wound edges until the body's own wound healing has repaired the damage.

Due to the frequent complications of adult circumcision due to erections, which requires the wound to be resutured using surgical sutures, this method of wound closure is now only used in children.


The inside of the foreskin constantly emits a liquid, which medicals call Smegma. Physicians recommend to clean more frequently than only once a day underneath the foreskin with soap. The humid climate under the foreskin forms a true breeding nest for various bacteria, whose decomposition already causes a bad smell after a few hours. If circumcised it"s not only clean after bathing but all the time. Without foreskin, nothing can form or accumulate beneath it.
Foreskin retracted

Spongy body

during sexual excitation blood flows into these blood areas, which enclose the urine seed tube.
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